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Our VISION is to produce high-quality industrial enzymes through our innovative technology and contribute towards circular bio-economy and farmers prosperity




Our Fermentech Cellulase is produced by solid state fermentation using a non GMO strain Trichoderma reesei. Its an acidic cellulase with maximum activity at 50°C and pH 5.

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Fermentech Pectinase is derived from Non-GMO Aspergillus niger. It is acid tolerant enzyme

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Fermentech xylanase is derived from a Non - GMO fungal strain Aspergillus corrugatus. Xylanase hydrolyzes the β-1, 4- D - xylosidic linkages in xylan.

Fermentech xylanase can withstand the pelletization temperature and possess alkaline tolerance.

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Amylase is an enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of starch into sugars. Fermentech Amylase is derived from Non-GMO Rhizopus Oryzae. It is highly thermostable and hydrophilic enzyme.

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Awards & Achievements


Product launch by Hon’ble secretary, DBT, Dr. Renu Swaroop at Global Bio India Summit, New Delhi 2019.

Awarded Biotechnology Ignition Grant (DBT, Govt. of India) for development of a thermos-tolerant and acid stable phytase in novel SSF bioreactor.

Two-time personal one-on-one interaction with the Hon’ble Prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi at start-up event in Dehradun and Uttarakhand investor summit at Dehradun.

Selected for Academia-Industry training program (AIT 17) organised by Swissnex (Switzerland) and Sine IIT Bombay.

Awarded EngSUI seed grant (EIL, Govt. of India) for treatment of solid waste and development of cellulases using soli—state fermentation technology.

Awarded BIRAC seed grant (DBT, Govt. of India) for pilot studies on the SSF Bioreactor.

Awarded First prize in Business Plan Competition during the Industry-Academia meet held in Biotechnology department, IIT Roorkee in March 2017.

Awarded First prize in IITRHF Business Plan competition, held at TIDES Business Incubator, IIT Roorkee.

Awarded First prize in the BRIC Idea exposition organised by IKP Knowledge Park in partnership with BIRAC and IIT Roorkee in Nov’19.

Represented the Indian delegation consisting of 28 start-ups at the ‘Slush’, world’s largest investor-startup platform at Helsinki, Finland from 4-5th December, 2018.

Selected for product launch at Global Bio India, 21-23 Nov, 2019, Aerocity, New Delhi.

A first-generation entrepreneur having media coverage in Skill Outlook, Better India, Hans India, Times of India, Economics Times.



31 Dec, 2019, 08:28AM IST


25 'most-disruptive' Indian startups in 2019

September 19, 2017


IIT-Roorkee PhD research scholar awarded the Biotechnology Ignition Grant (BIG) by the Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC), Government of India

June 7, 2018


Hon'ble Prime Minister's interaction with Founder of TIDES Incubated startup, Fermentech Labs, Dr. Sidharth Arora

July 20, 2018 17:19 IST


This IIT-Roorkee doctorate created a bioreactor that turns crop stubble into animal feed nutrients!

Meet The Team


Dr. Sidharth Arora


Anuj Singh

Aashi Rai

Rajan Patel

Umme Habiba

Bhawna Gupta

Pratima Patel

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